Saturday, September 17, 2011

 First novel by David L. Arnett. The title Messengers refers to Angels. It is a unique take on the subject. Fascinating cover, eh? I was interested in the characters and the storyline and would not willingly have quit reading it, but, that doesn't stop me from hoping that the author will improve a few things for his next story. I can feel the struggle of the writing in the story. A good editor might be able to fix that. Also, I'm afraid the daemon/devil portions were not to my taste and made the overall effect of the story less believable for me.                                                                                        Published by Unity Books 2011
I saw the ad for the book in the Unity magazine and the author's first and last name are the same as a childhood friend from Brechin Beach Ontario Canada. It turns out it is not the same person though about the same age. Too bad, I've always wondered what happened to the David Arnett I knew. He once tied me to a willow sapling and played cowboy to my reluctant Indian and whooped around the tree whipping me with a branch from this ill-fated tree that didn't make it to maturity. Too many small cowboys in the area perhaps.
As a member of Unity Spiritual Center in Hereford AZ  I recommend it as interesting reading. There'll be mixed reactions no doubt.  Blessings all!